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Recruiting any classes at this time and any levels.
Welcome to the Knights of the Crimson flame Guild site. This guild is located on the Ragnarok server ExistenceRO
This server is newly opened just like the guild too. We plan on having a real good time and make great friendships as well as showing our enemies who's boss. The server is a  PVP server with PK points which control how much your able to kill but this will not be a problem at all if we work together. And during guild war the Point system doesn't apply so we don't have to worry about points its only outside of towns and outside of guild area's that we have a problem. We ask that all members able to help new players work together. And we would like all of you to level together when possible of course not everyone will be the same level as each other at all times but by leveling together you have less chance of being jumped by an enemy. This also includes when there is a enemy leveling in a guild spot you have every right in fact we ask that if you can kill them any down time that they are forced to endure is down time that guildies can level without the worry of that person killing them. As well as the exp reward you recieve for killing them. The only thing we do wish is that you follow the rules of the server. This means we kindly ask that you refrain from using language that is blocked by chat filters. If anyone sees you breaking this rule we will be forced to let you find a new guild. We want the guild to be a safe friendly environment for people of all ages even if people don't find the language offensive we would like to ask that you still keep open chat clear from language as well as keeping it clear from guild chat. Your free to talk in whisper if you want to use language that might not be appropriate but I would appreciate not having to see it in guild or in open chat. We will also be hosting our own events as well as we would like everyone to participate in guild wars too. While it might not be your thing to go to guild war we would like to remind you guild treasure would be shared with everyone in the guild. So showing up would allow you to gain these benefits.

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emilykrys, Aug 29, 11 3:30 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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